Receiving Reiki

When receiving Reiki, the recipient lies fully clothed on a treatment table while the practitioner rests his/her hands on a series of places: on the head, both sides of torso, and the limbs as needed. A full treatment is typically 60 minutes. There are twelve hand positions, and about five minutes is spent in each one but the treatment protocol is very flexible and can be abbreviated to fit any care setting, such as chemotherapy or surgery. In acute situations, even a few minutes of Reiki can be supportive to patients. During a treatment, a minimum of talking or conversation is desirable. Soft soothing music is usually played. Reiki can also be modified to be performed while the patient is seated, lying in bed or standing. It can even be practiced on unconscious recipients in a hospital. The benefits of Reiki treatment can be dramatic when used on patients awaiting emergency medical treatment. Reiki is sometimes administered to people who are passing away, with the goal of instilling a sense of peace.

A Reiki treatment is $75/session. The session includes:

A 15 minutes pre-treatment personalized evaluation.
One hour of Reiki Energy Healing Therapy.
After session recommendations.

$10 Off of your session if you refer a client
Discount Available for Low Income
Also: Learn Reiki and be able to treat yourself and others!
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If you have questions or would like to schedule a treatment, please contact Marcela Alva at 760-846-0289, or email Locations: Solana Beach & San Diego. Hablo Espanol.