Marcela Alva, Reiki Master Teacher & Feng Shui Consultant


Marcela Alva-Capristan is a Reiki Master, Intuitive and Spiritual Healer and a Feng Shui Consultant with knowledge of many spiritual and healing modalities.  In her practice, Marcela has helped many individuals along their paths to healing, personal empowerment, and self-discovery.  

In Marcela’s words:

My experienced with Reiki started in 2003. At that time, I was not familiar with holistic medicine and had never heard about Reiki or energy healing. I was working as a server in a restaurant in Boston,  MA. One night, right before my shift started, I started to feel very sick. I felt strong stomach pain and nausea. A co-worker and friend of mine noticed my pale face and discomfort and asked me what was wrong. “I am very sick”, I said, “I don’t know how I am going to make it for the rest of my shift”. She told me she was a Reiki practitioner and that she could help me. I said: “you are a what practitioner?”. She answered: “don’t worry, just come with me to the back of the restaurant”. 

She sat me on a chair in a quiet corner, told me to close my eyes and try to relax. Then she started doing Reiki to me. I had no idea of what she was doing; all I know if that suddenly I stared to feel a “force” pulling the pain away from my stomach. I literally felt how the pain was being sucked away from my stomach until it was completely gone. Then my hands and feet fingers started to feel very relaxed, almost numb, and my mouth was so relaxed and numb that I could not talk for few moments. When she finished, I felt great, pain free and extremely peaceful. I was very amazed at the entire experience and I wanted to know what she had done to me, since I had never experienced anything like that before. She briefly explained about Reiki, but since we needed to go back to work, she recommended a book about it. 

And that is how my journey as a healer stared; nobody told me about healing, I experienced it my self, in my own body. After reading a beginners book about Reiki; I took my Reiki First Degree class in 2004. The First Degree Class was very special to me, because at the moment I was receiving the attunement; I somehow knew that one day I was going to become a Reiki Master. 

I started practicing Reiki on a regular basis on myself and also on other people; that is how my skills and intuition as a healer developed and improved. I became a Second Degree Practitioner in 2005 and a Reiki Master in 2008. Since I first learned Reiki, I have never stopped practicing it. I have treated many clients with different problems, diseases and backgrounds and I have been blessed to be able to see the wonderful healing power of Reiki and how it has affected and changed many peoples’ lives. I look at life and my future with optimism and faith, certain about one thing: 

This is my destiny, to help people with the wonderful gift of healing.

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Gloria Hewett, Reiki Master & Nutrition Consultant


In Gloria's words:


In my personal journey, I have been looking for alternatives ways of healing and self-improvement. I always have been curious on how one can become healthier and happier. With a Fitness Education degree; I had worked as fitness instructor for over 10 years. Few years later; I developed an interest in nutrition and now work part-time as a Diet Technician at Scripps Hospital helping educating patients on healthy ways of eating. 

I am also a Certified Reiki Master and when I am not at the hospital, I am working and doing healing with Reiki. In 2009, I was introduced to Reiki through a dear friend and I have being practicing it ever since. I was immediately fascinated with this incredible technique. Reiki cleanses your body and enhances your spiritual connection; helping you better understand yourself and the world around you. I am so grateful and honored to have access and be able to share to this amazing technique with others. 

With a background in nutrition; I believe that good health is a combination of nurturing your physical body, your mind and your soul. Reiki nurture your soul by balancing your seven primary chakras and getting you in tune with your high power so you are able to clearly listening to your intuition. Reiki gave me the confidence to know exactly what to do in order to improve my health and balance my life and for that; I am eternally grateful.