Chakra Balancing / Block Release Session

Chakras are energy centers of the body and are closely associated to the endocrine system. An imbalance in one of the chakras will affect the endocrine gland associated with that chakra, causing disharmony on the body, mind and emotional levels. When a chakra is out of balance, the chakra and therefore the body are drained of energy. Childhood traumas, cultural conditioning, limited belief system, restrictive or exhausting habits, physical and emotional injuries, contribute to chakra blockage. 

Reiki can help clear out and balance the chakras. The Chakra Alignment Technique is used to restore balance in the chakra system in order to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle and overall health. By using this technique, we can influence our chakras, our health and our lives for the better.

60 Minutes Session $80    90 Minutes Session $110

Packages: $75 when you book 3 sessions. 

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