Reiki Second Degree Class

Have a life changing experience: learn how to work on healing your past, treat unwanted habits and emotions, empower your future and send healing energy to people that are far away. At this seminar, you will learn long distance healing, emotional healing and other advanced techniques. Past traumas, issues generated by childhood wounds, future situations, inner child work, etc; can be addressed with techniques learned in this class.

The class is an interactive combination of lecture, discussion, demonstration and practice time. Each student experiences giving and receiving a Reiki treatment using the traditional Reiki Symbols. A class manual and a Reiki Second Degree Certificate are included. 


Instructor: Marcela Alva-Capristan. Certified Reiki Master Teacher                                                    

Date: Saturday 10am-6pm. Please call for inforamtion about this class' date: 760-846-0289

Location: 609 S Vulcan Ave  #201 Encinitas, CA 92024.  

Class Investment: $250 (Accepting cash, check & credit cards). Price includes Reiki Manual and Second Degree Certificate.
First Degree Certificate required.

 Class Topics:

· The nature and purpose of Reiki symbols 

· The Empowerment Symbol for Physical Healing

· The Symbol for Mental & Emotional Healing

· The Symbol for Long Distance or Absent Healing

· Distant Healing Technique 

· Healing unwanted habits.  

· Inner Child work.    

· Healing the past.  

· Empowering goals with the distance healing symbol   

· How to Strengthen Your Reiki Energy 

· Scanning and Beaming 

· Japanese Reiki Techniques   

· Attunement for Reiki II

· Practice Time Doing Reiki and Working with the Symbols