Therapy to Heal the Broken Heart, Let Go & Move on

When a relationship ends, we often feel extremely sad, depressed, anxious and hopeless. We have a deep heartache, constantly feel like crying, have no energy and can’t imagine our lives without the other person. We tend to be in denial and blame ourselves, thinking: what’s wrong with me? Why this person can’t love me? 

I will use Reiki energy healing therapy to ease your pain, guided visualizations to give you strength & courage; positive affirmations technique to improve self-steam, cutting cords of attachment to help you let go and nutritional advice to help with insomnia, stress & anxiety. The ultimate goal is to help you feel energetic, happy and at peace, so you can move on with your life and eventually move towards a new healthy relationship. 

 60 Minutes Session $80     90 Minutes Session $110

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