Cutting Cords of Attachment with People/Situations Theraphy

Whenever you have been in a close relationship with someone, you have unconsciously created energetic cords between you and the other person. This occurs among family members, parents-children, spouses, lovers, friends or any relationship in which you have or had deep emotional involvement. These energetic cords often remain attached even after the relationship has changed, or you are no longer "in a relationship" with the other person.

The presence of these cords beyond a certain point creates a subconscious flow of codependency, which impedes the evolution of the souls involved.

Through guided visualization and Energy Healing, we identify which cords are ready to be released and assist you in removing them without trauma. Healing occurs on a deep level; in fact, people have reported feeling more energetic and more easily able to move new and current relationships forward.

60 Minutes Session $80    90 Minutes Session $110

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